Each member of platform can share any good practices or information about any learning difficulties. Each member can comment on these shares and reshare on their pages if they like.


The platform's experts are located throughout Europe, and they will be able to complement each other's academic expertise. They will be able to determine their friend lists based on some of the platform's primary features. Parents and teachers will be able to follow the recommendations of special education professionals in whose opinions they believe and approve. They will be able to receive all notifications from these specialists via their cell phones.


This platform brings all vocational trainers, teachers, instructors from across the world and share their best practises on their applications towards students with learning difficulties.


This platform is open to all parents who have children who have special educational needs or difficulties. By contacting professionals in the field, parents will be able to learn more about their children's educational needs and, if necessary, obtain psychological help.

How It Works?

Being a member of the platform will not take more than two minutes and after that be ready for a great deal of contents about different kind of learning difficulties.

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With your e-mail firstly you need to register the platform and create your according to your profession. It does not matter whoever you are the only thing be passionate about the learning difficulties in vocational education.It is all free no membership fee !

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After becoming a member of platform you can start to post your share about learning difficulties you want to talk about.These posts can be videos,pictures or blogs.It is totally uo to you :)

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Our platform is open to all experts whose field are especially learning difficulties. So if you want to learn more deeply about learning difficulties, you are on the right place :)

Enjoy free consultancy.

Either student or teacher even a parent, no matter who you are, this platform gives free consultancy service who need an advice about students with learning difficulties in Vocational Education.


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